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Developer: Moti Lavian

Peekapp - Take a peek at anywhere in the world to know what its like RIGHT NOW

1 - Wanna go somewhere, but dont know what its like. Can be a vacation destination, club, or just a random location.
2 - Millions of smartphones right THERE and right NOW. Cant anyone help you out? Well, now they can :)
3 - Peekapp allows you to take a peek to know more.

Photos on demand. FREE.

1 - Go to anywhere on the map.
2 - Request to peek there, describe what you want to know.
3 - Other users will receive your request and answer your request.

* Instantaneous
Peeks must be NOW or very recent, so you get the best idea of whats happening.

* Location Accuracy
Peeks must be THERE, where you want to know more.

* Informative
Why settle on some random photo that some random dude took of his random wife in this random place. With Peekapp you get what YOU want.

* Quality Content
Peeks are reviewed, rated and abusive content is removed, so you get only the real thing!

* Crowd Wisdom
One good peek can serve many other curious users, creating a continuously growing database.

* Privacy
You choose who can see your peeks or requests (public or anonymous).

This is the first version, still much more to come.
Well appreciate your feedback (from the profile screen).